Running a Docker container on OpenHPC Cluster with multiple nodes



first of all, I must say I am a total newbie to OpenHPC and not a software engineer. So please excuse any dumb question. However, I was not able to find any useful information to my questions below.

Imagine the following:
I have been using a docker container very successfully on a 2 CPU machine until now. It was created by a very talented software engineer. This container is built around a FEA solver including OpenMPI and OpenMP, until now I was not able to compile this software bundle myself, thus I am using the container on this 2 CPU machine. The container runs on both CPUs an distributes the model and simulation on both CPUs and their cores. So far, so good.  

Here are my questions, again, I am sorry if they are self-explanatory/dumb to some of you. To me, this is not trivial:
1.) If I set up a cluster with OpenHPC according to one of the recipes, will I be able to run this docker-container on multiple nodes?
2.) From the docker documentation I learned that using docker swarm might not be possible due to the fact that a 'pod' can only run on one node? [might not be a suitable question for this group...]
3.) Perhaps modifications to the container are necessary, or is the container able to run 'as is'? I have no idea....and I, myself, might not be able to solve this...[maybe also, not the right place for this Q]
4.) Is the OpenHPC suite able to 'distribute' this container on multiple nodes? 

Any help, or just pointing me in the right direction, is appreciated. If it is possible with Docker&OpenHPC, I will buy a master and a second node (connected via IB). If not, I have to dig in compiling the software myself and use OpenHPC, as I am sure this solution is possible (this is the 'usual' way of running the solver on a cluster, but for me, this is a whole new undertaking).

Thank you in advance,


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