TSC Meeting cancelled for today, June 2nd

Karl W. Schulz

Hello TSC meeting attendees,

Apologies, but I have another scheduling conflict and am canceling today’s TSC meeting. Note that the ohpc v2.2 release went out yesterday - as a reminder, this is primarily to address CVE-2021-31215 with SLURM.  

If you have not yet submitted your nomination for next year (and would like to continue participating on the TSC), please remember to submit your nomination by Friday June 11.

Additional Details:
• Nominee submission deadline: Friday, June 12, 2020
• What/where to submit:
• please submit a current CV and highlight any potential conflicts of interest (e.g. commercial interests, etc)
• indicate the role you are primarily interested in (maintainer, end-user site representative,  upstream component development representative, or testing coordinator)
• submit information via email to tsc-nominations@OpenHPC.groups.io
• Additional information on the TSC selection process and expectations:
• Additional information on Governance Overview: