TSC Meeting cancelled for today, May 19th

Karl W. Schulz

Hello TSC meeting attendees,

Apologies, but I have a scheduling conflict and am canceling today’s TSC meeting. In lieu of that, will provide some quick updates in this email:

  • PEARC’21 BoF proposal was submitted on May 8th

  • TSC nominations announcement sent to user list on May 10th (reminder, nominations due Friday June 11).

  • Follow-up on tests with Rocky 8.3 RC1 - recall from last TSC meeting I had tweaked our Warewulf build to include a Rocky template and ran some short tests in an ethernet environment. There was a question about IB drivers, and I reran our full complement of tests in a Warewulf/SLURM environment on IB, and that also came out ok.  Attached is a screenshot showing we get the same test coverage as with our previous CentOS8.3 tests for ohpc v2.1

  • The SLURM CVE mentioned last time and associated update release is out now, CVE-2021-31215 (https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2021-31215).  I have ingested the latest version (slurm v20.11.7) into our build factory for ohpc v2.2.  The build went fine and I ran some tests with this newer SLURM version and did not encounter any issues.   If there are no objections, I would like to suggest we push out a small v2.2. release relatively quickly to address this CVE. I would include the updated build of Warewulf which has the initial Rocky template, but would not say it is officially supported until we decide on our strategy for CentOS replacement.  I will try to do this before our next TSC meeting, so please let me know if you have concerns.

  • RHEL entitlements for OpenHPC - I mentioned last time that our RHEL entitlements had expired. These have been restored (thank you Adrian). We’re working now to create VMs on EC2 where we can mirror the RHEL 8.x RPMs as this would be needed in order to get them into our OBS build system. We have an x86_64 system that looks to be working. Adrian is working on aarch64. If we can get this sorted out, next step is to try and import into our OBS so we can test builds against RHEL directly.