TSC Meeting cancelled this week, Nov. 17

Karl W. Schulz

Hello TSC meeting attendees,

Just a reminder that this week is SC and we will not be having the TSC meeting this week (recall also that our BoF is on Wednesday).

Regarding the v2.4 release, I am happy to report that we’ve made good progress since the last TSC meeting and have been able to get many of the items completed that we talked about. There will be more details in the release notes, but here is a quick summary of what should be in there:

* Updated Leap distro -> Leap 15.3
* Updated Rocky distro -> Rocky 8.5  - note that 8.5 dropped yesterday; I have updated our CI for aarch64 and x86_64 to use Rocky 8.5-based images and all is good with the exception for items sensitive to kernel version. In particular, Lustre and BeeGFS do not yet support 8.5.  

* finalized hwloc changes, slurm and openpbs both now use the ohpc-variant of hwloc
* decent number of component version updates (e.g. all the MPI stacks)
* gcc 9.3 -> gcc 9.4
* converted CentOS8 recipes to Rocky 8 recipes - this is done for all of the Warewulf variants (aarch64 and x86)64).  xCAT does not yet support Rocky so we will have to wait on that and re-roll out in a future release

* updated compatibility packages to support intel oneapi; had to rebuild all packages that rely on MKL as a result

I’m hoping to have this out before the BoF (fingers crossed). But if not, it will be soon and we can highlight the forthcoming changes.


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