OpenHPC TSC Vision and Values

Jeff ErnstFriedman <jernstfriedman@...>

Dear members of the TSC at large,

As suggested at the meeting earlier this week, we are sharing a collaborative document to allow people to add their comments to the the TSC's Vision and Values. To aid with collaboration we are using a Google Doc, if you do not signin but wish to have the changes attributed to you, please finish your comments with your name so we can identify for follow up.

Anyone who is unable to - or prefers not - use this method may email their recommendations to me directly. 

Please use this link below and make your suggestions inline and as comments along the side.

For your convenience I have also attached the document to this message.

Thank you,

Jeff ErnstFriedman
2201 Broadway #604, Oakland, CA 94612
mobile: 510.593.1367
skype: jeffrey.ernstfriedman
twitter: @namdeirf

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