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Hi Karl,


I would like to self-nominate for 2020-2021 term.






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Subject: [OpenHPC TSC] Call for Participation/Nominations: OpenHPC Technical Steering Committee


Dear Community,

The OpenHPC Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is approaching completion of its fourth year of operations and would like to invite nominees interested in volunteering on the TSC for the 2020-2021 term.  Interested parties can self-nominate (or be nominated by others) and terms are intended to be for one year in duration (beginning in July 2020).  Additional information on what to submit along with pointers to more information on the selection process is summarized below:

For those interested, this is a great opportunity to help with future releases, review submission requests and help steer the overall technical direction for the project.




Additional Details:

  • Nominee submission deadline: Friday, June 12, 2020
  • What/where to submit:
    • please submit a current CV and highlight any potential conflicts of interest (e.g. commercial interests, etc)
    • indicate the role you are primarily interested in (maintainer, end-user site representative,  upstream component development representative, or testing coordinator)
    • submit information via email to
  • Additional information on the TSC selection process and expectations:
  • Additional information on Governance Overview:


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