Re: New event for ISC

Craig Gardner

Hi all,

By happy coincidence, I'm in Germany that week. I'm planning to attend
ISC on 22 June. I already have my ticket. Please count on my
attendance. And I'm looking forward to some face to face interaction.

On 06/09/2016 11:19 AM, Jeff ErnstFriedman via OpenHPC-TSC wrote:
Hello all,

Please indicate whether you will be IN ATTENDANCE at the ISC-HPC meeting
so we can make sure we have refreshments, we are working on getting
audio/video streaming for this event.

I confirmed with Karl and since there is going to be a TSC event
scheduled for Wednesday 6/22 at ISC-HPC I went ahead and cancelled the
regularly scheduled event on 6/21 (Tuesday).

Thank you

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