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Welcome to the OpenHPC Outreach committee

The OpenHPC Outreach Committee is comprised of voting members and non-voting members. Each OpenHPC Platinum member is entitled to one vote, and so long as there is a least one Gold Member, one elected representative of the Gold Members. 

The Outreach Committee shall be responsible for designing, developing and executing marketing efforts on behalf of the Governing Board. The Outreach Committee is expected to coordinate closely with the Governing Board and technical communities to maximize the outreach and visibility of the Project throughout the industry. Members of the Project without representation on the Outreach Committee may observe meetings of the Outreach Committee on a non-voting basis.

The goals of the OpenHPC Outreach Committee are to:
  • increase awareness
  • increase adoption
  • increase contributions
  • increase community and member participation
Please see the OpenHPC Charter for details.


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